Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Download Ebooks Of 6th SEM-EC (GTU).

(1) Antenna and Wave Propagation (161003)

Book- Antenna Theory: Analysis and design  (DOWNLOAD)
          Author-  C. Balanis
          Edition-  3rd
               Size-  20.73 MB

Book- Antennas for all applications  (DOWNLOAD)
             Author-  J.D.Krauss
             Edition-   3rd
                  Size-   7.87 MB

Book- Electromagnetic wave & radiating systems (DOWNLOAD)
                    Author- Jordan
                    Size-      59.7 MB

(2) Audio-Video Systems (161002)
Book- Audio Engineering, Know it all series (DOWNLOAD)
                   Size- 6.3 MB

Book- Modern Television Practice (DOWNLOAD)
                     Author- R.R.Gulati
                     Size- 5.82 MB
(3) VLSI Technology and Design (161004)

Book-CMOS Digital Integrated circuits – Analysis and Design (DOWNLOAD)
                   Author- Sung Mo Kang
                   Size- 10.13 MB

Book-Fundamentals of Digital Logic Design with VHDL (DOWNLOAD)
                     Size- 30.4 MB

Book-Introduction to VLSI Systems (DOWNLOAD)
         Author- Mead C and Conway
         Size- 12.1 MB

(4) Optical Communication (161005)
Book-Optical Fiber Communications (DOWNLOAD)
               Author- Gerd Keiser
               Size- 20.6 MB

Book-Optical Fiber Communication (DOWNLOAD)
               Author- John M. Senior
               Size- 22.9 MB

Book-Fiber optic Communication (DOWNLOAD)
                Author- G. Agrawal
                Size- 5.7 MB

(5) Digital Communication (161001)
Book-Principle of communication system (DOWNLOAD)
                  Author- Taub
                  Size- 9.0 MB

Book-Digital Communications (DOWNLOAD)
                  Author- Masoud Salehi
                  Size- 24.2 MB