Sunday, June 24, 2012

List of Important Keyboard Short Cuts For Windows 8.

Unlike previous versions, Windows 8 the keyboard shortcuts are much more important. Until Windows 7, the hotkeys are one more tool in terms of comfort in using the system. Instead, the next
Microsoft operating system, the shortcuts are even essential for access to certain features. Some of them are undoubtedly learned.

The reason for this change is due to the fact that Windows 8 is designed for a wider range of
systems.Some things on a tablet can be performed using simple gestures with their fingers on a PC can be implemented only through special shortcuts. Microsoft has published the ‘ list of all the keyboard shortcuts used in Windows 8. Of course, not all are essential.

Some Important ShortCuts Are As Below:

--> Win + B : Display the desktop and select traditional Windows notification area.
--> Win + C : Charms Show Bar, where you can search, share, open the Start Menu and change the settings.
--> Win + D : Show the classic Windows desktop.
--> Win + E : Launch Windows Explorer.
--> Win + F : Open the file search interface Metro.
--> Win + H : Opens the Metro for sharing.
--> Win + I : Open the control panel.
--> Win + J : Changing the focus between applications Metro opened.
--> Win + K : Open the panel of devices (for example to connect a projector or other device).
--> Win + L : Lock your PC and go back to the lock screen.
--> Win + M : Minimizes all windows on your desktop.
--> Win + O : Block device orientation.
--> Win + P : Choose between different screens.
--> Win + Q : View the search screen Metro applications.
--> Win + R : Show the box Run from the desktop view.
--> Win + U : Display Centre accessibility from the desktop view.
--> Win + V : Cycle through the various toasts.
--> Win + W : View the configuration screen Metro.
--> Win + X : Throw the Start Menu.
--> Win + Y : Take a peek at the desktop temporarily.
--> Win + Z : Opens the taskbar to the current application Metro.
--> Win + Page Up / Down : Move the pieces to the left / right.
--> Win + Tab : Metro opens the application menu, allowing you to bring one in the foreground.
--> Win +, (comma) : It gives a peek at the desktop (Aero)
--> Win +. (Point) : Moves the current application Metro to the right side.
--> Win + Shift +. (Point) : Moves the current application Metro to the left side.
--> Win + Space : Change the input language and keyboard layout.
--> Win + Shift + V : Cycle through the various toasts in reverse order.
--> Win + Enter : Lance Narrator.
--> Win + Arrow keys : Enter the classic Windows desktop and activate Aero Snap.

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