Friday, March 8, 2013

The Simplest Way To Get Free Harddisk Space (By Finding Duplicate Files).

Download Link:- Duplicate Cleaner

This morning I had 200mb of space left on my harddisk, 10 minutes later, I have 7GB.
How did I do it? Introducing Duplicate Cleaner. (It's free!)

You'll be surprised how many duplicate files you can find on your computer.

1) Launch Duplicate Cleaner.

The software should be self explanatory, however if you're lost..

A: Select the harddisk drive you wish to scan for duplicates, in this example I chose D: drive. You may select any folder within drive too.

B: Click this button to add it to the list as shown.

C: Click select button to choose what kind of files you want to scan, be it image file or video file or something else. I chose 'Office Documents' in this example. You may choose 'Everything' :)

D: Minimum File Size of files you wanted to scan, if your goal is to get FREE harddisk space, choose a higher file size (maybe more than 10mb) to get the fastest result, because you get the largest duplicate files instantly.

E: Click GO!

2) The next screen shows all the duplicate files, double click any file here to open it if you want to check. Tick the files you wish to delete on the check boxes on the left shown. After that you may click 'Remove Selected'. Make sure you don't delete any system files!

(3) In the next screen, make sure 'delete to recycle bin' is checked so that you may revert it if you deleted the wrong files. Click 'Delete Files' and you're done.

My list was too long and I got lazy, so I scanned only for videos and songs. After cleaning up, I have 7GB of free harddisk space instantly.. I haven't even touched images yet (the list was too long).

Tell me how many space you recovered by adding comments to this post.

End Note:

To get more free harddisk space you should check out:

The Simplest PC Maintenance Software (Bundled With Lots Of Utilities) - This tool includes a basic duplicate files finder, only downside of it is it can't find duplicate files with different file names.It also includes a tool that offers the same functions of TreeSize.

The Simplest Way To Find and Recover Precious HardDisk Space.

Download Link: TreeSize Free

Every hard disk is too small if you just wait long enough. Ever wonder where all your GB or TB of space had gone to?
TreeSize Free will help you find out which folder eats up most of your space. If you're in a hurry to get lots of free space, tackle those first!
WARNING: You can delete files directly from the TreeSize interface. If you found a file taking up some space in your C:
drive, but you have no idea what it is for, please don't delete it! It might be a system file and your computer may stop
working after that. In short, make sure you know what you are deleting.
The user interface is very straight forward, normally you'll have no problem exploring it on your own. Please continue reading only
if you're not sure how to use it.

1) When you start the program, it will automatically scan your C: drive. (might take a while if you have large drives)

2) Picture above shows my C: drive, from here I know that Windows take up most of the space, followed by Program Files. Click on the triangle arrow on the left of each folder to expand it. Here I choose not to touch any files in Windows, Program Files, or Files. I expanded the Users folder...

3) After going deeper in the Users folder, I found that Google Chrome tooks out 750mb of my space, follow by other temporary internet files from internet explorer and mozilla. So I went to clear all the cache files for all my browsers and I got more than 1GB of free space instantly.

4) That's all. You may click on 'Scan' to scan other drives (if you have D: drive) as well as thumb drives. You may also click 'View' to change the display settings e.g. show everything in percentage rather than actual size, or show in GB unit instead of MB.

Leave a comment telling how much harddisk space you've recovered using this method!

End Note:

To get more free harddisk space you should check out:

The Simplest PC Maintenance Software (Bundled With Lots Of Utilities) - This tool includes a Disk Analysis utility which offers the same functions as TreeSize. If you happen to use it, you shouldn't need TreeSize. It also includes a tool similar to Duplicate Cleaner.

The Simplest PC Maintenance Software (Bundled With Lots Of Utilities).

Download Link: Glary Utilities
One click is all you need to do PC maintenance with Glary Utilities.

1) Download the software. (Shocked me when I know it's free)
2) Run the program and you'll arrive at the 1-Click Maintenance Window. Just click 'Scan for Issues'

 3) After finish scanning, you may click 'Show Details' to check if there are any files you would like to keep. If not, just click 'Repair problems' and you're done.

4) You may also check out 'Modules' tab for a bunch of useful functions. They are all very easy to use and you may explore freely on your own.

Other useful utilities offered in this software includes:

- Disk Cleaner - Delete Junk Files to recover precious disk space
- Registry Cleaner - Fix registry error and speed up pc performance
- Shortcuts Fixer
- Uninstall Manager
- Startup Manager
- Memory Optimizer
- Files Shredder - Erase files permanently (Use at own risk)
- File Undelete
- File Encrypter and Decrypter
- Disk Analysis - Offers the same functions of TreeSize Free.
- Duplicate Files Finder - Searches Duplicate Files to recover disk space. (However cannot find duplicate files with different file names if you renamed one of the files, for that feature please use Duplicate Cleaner)
- Empty Folders Finder
- File Splitter and Joiner.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Download Ebooks Of 6th SEM-EC (GTU).

(1) Antenna and Wave Propagation (161003)

Book- Antenna Theory: Analysis and design  (DOWNLOAD)
          Author-  C. Balanis
          Edition-  3rd
               Size-  20.73 MB

Book- Antennas for all applications  (DOWNLOAD)
             Author-  J.D.Krauss
             Edition-   3rd
                  Size-   7.87 MB

Book- Electromagnetic wave & radiating systems (DOWNLOAD)
                    Author- Jordan
                    Size-      59.7 MB

(2) Audio-Video Systems (161002)
Book- Audio Engineering, Know it all series (DOWNLOAD)
                   Size- 6.3 MB

Book- Modern Television Practice (DOWNLOAD)
                     Author- R.R.Gulati
                     Size- 5.82 MB
(3) VLSI Technology and Design (161004)

Book-CMOS Digital Integrated circuits – Analysis and Design (DOWNLOAD)
                   Author- Sung Mo Kang
                   Size- 10.13 MB

Book-Fundamentals of Digital Logic Design with VHDL (DOWNLOAD)
                     Size- 30.4 MB

Book-Introduction to VLSI Systems (DOWNLOAD)
         Author- Mead C and Conway
         Size- 12.1 MB

(4) Optical Communication (161005)
Book-Optical Fiber Communications (DOWNLOAD)
               Author- Gerd Keiser
               Size- 20.6 MB

Book-Optical Fiber Communication (DOWNLOAD)
               Author- John M. Senior
               Size- 22.9 MB

Book-Fiber optic Communication (DOWNLOAD)
                Author- G. Agrawal
                Size- 5.7 MB

(5) Digital Communication (161001)
Book-Principle of communication system (DOWNLOAD)
                  Author- Taub
                  Size- 9.0 MB

Book-Digital Communications (DOWNLOAD)
                  Author- Masoud Salehi
                  Size- 24.2 MB

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

China Mobile PC Suite. (Connect any china Mobile model with your PC)

Now you can easily get China Mobile PC Suite Download Free from here, i have found the China Mobile PC Suite which is in nature GENERIC ( can be used with any Chinese Mobile), This PC suite works on all versions of windows including vista, you need to select win2k folder as when you manually search for drivers in vista.

China Mobile PC Suite Manual:

PhoneSuite provides various functionalities for users to manage their mobile phone easily on PC side. It will communicate with mobile phone via serial communication, IrDA or Bluetooth.

Phonebook-is used to manage the contacts information between mobile phone and PC folder. In addition to adding, editing and deleting contacts, users can get the phonebook database on hand and backup them to PC folder.PhoneSuite also imports contact list from Lotus Notes, Outlook, and Outlook Express. Users can copy these information to the PC folder or mobile phone.

Message-helps users to read, edit and send SMS/EMS messages directly from PC. Besides, you can create personal folders to categorize all messages on PC side.

Settings-contains the system-related settings and message default settings. Users also can set whether they want to import contact list from other software or not here.

Images-is used to draw images of various file types, and transport the images between PC and mobile phone. It also provides clip, mirror and rotate functions to reach user’s expectation.

Melody-provides a easier way to compose your own melody through the staff graphic interface. It is not only a editor but also provide the functions to transport the melodies between PC and mobile phone.

MMS Message-helps users to read, edit MMS messages directly from PC. Users also can transport MMS messages between PC and mobile phone. Whether this functionality is supported or not depends on the mobile phone connects to PhoneSuite.

File Manager-provides a friendly interface for users to manage their files between PC side and mobile phone.Functionalities of “copy”, “paste”, “delete”, “rename” and “new folder” are provided in out tool. Besides, File Manager supports local java installation from PC side.

Follow the Given Steps to Install And connect Pc Suite.

1) First of all download this software from here: Click to download.
2) Now Install China Pc Suite.
3) Connect mobile phone to pc. Select Com from three
options display on the phone. Windows will ask to install.
Install driver. If required, pont to .inf file.(Drivers

4) Now it is ready to connect phone to PC. Get help from
the help icon of PC suite.


1. Copy the driver in to the main installation folder
2. Then run setup.exe and its done.
Driver folder is included if you get any error you might
not have copied driver folder to the original setup folder.

Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Send Free SMS From GMAIL ?

There are lots of websites available on the internet like way2sms, 160by2 and many more through which you can send free SMS. Now Google has also launched a new service to Send SMS from Gmail account. This service is currently not available in Pakistan as well as some other countries.SMS will be sent from your Gmail Chat itself. You just have to enter the mobile number of your friend to send free SMS. If your friend replies back to your message then he has to pay normal SMS charges and the message will be received in your chat . This service limits your SMS length to maximum of 50 characters and you can send only 50 SMS from your account in a day. But the amazing thing of this service is, if your friend reply back to your message then you will get 5 extra SMS but this cannot exceed 50.
How To Enable Free SMS in Gmail ?

In your Gmail account, click on the Settings button and go to Labs tab.
Scroll down until you find Text Messaging (SMS) in chat and click on Enable.

Also Enable the SMS in Chat Gadget and click on Save Changes button.
Now you will see Send SMS box in the left sidebar.
How To Send Free SMS From GMAIL ?

In the Send SMS box enter the mobile number at which you want to send SMS.

Now a dialog box will be open, in this box give the Name and Country of the SMS recipient and click on Save button.
Type your Message in the chat window and hit Enter. Your message will be delivered in few seconds.

All your sent and received messages will be stored in chat history just like normal chats. You can delete all your conversations anytime.

The Simplest Way To Manage Programs That Run When Windows Starts Up.

First we'll look at Start -> Programs -> Startup folder.

Any programs listed there will run during Windows startup. Feel free to add/remove programs from this folder.

However many programs do not utilize this folder and you'll have to follow the steps below:

1) Start -> Run. Type in 'msconfig' and press Enter.

2) System Configuration window will be opened. Click on 'Startup' tab and you'll see a list of all programs that run during Windows startup.

3) Uncheck any programs if you wish to remove from startup.