Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Unlock Vodafone NetSetter (k3570-z) ?

Vodafone Net setter Is one of the Best Way to connect Internet in Your PC or In Your LAPTOP.
So, The best way to Use that 3G is, net setter (dongle) .

If you want to Use IDEA, DOCOMO, RELIANCE, VIDEOCON, AIRTEL or any other SIM CARD in your Vodafone Net setter, then it will not work...

You Can Easily UNLOCK Your VODAFONE net setter From HERE.
If you want to Unlock VODAFONE net setter, then you no need to worry because, Vodafone Net setter are already Unlocked from the company. the only LOCK in that net setter is , Their Software.You have to do for Unlock it is, just replace that software.

First Of All, Download the Files, listed below.

2. SECOND FILE (ZTE connection manager).

Then, Follow The Following Steps.

1. Uninstall (remove) all.VODAFONE drivers and Net setter software from your Computer.

2. Then , open DCCRAP (Download from HERE) file.( find proper software for k3570)

3. In DC Unlocker 2, select manufacturer and Model, then just click on the search button below.
(make sure your vodafone netsetter is connected)

4. Unplug dongle.

5. Now install ZTE connection manager and Driver that you download Before.

ok, Now done!!!! !!!

Now plugin Dongle ( net setter ).
and, don't start, or install vodafone software.

Now , open ZTE connection Manager (Join Air 3G) go to setting, add a new connection (suppose if you want to use IDEA card then set APN and dialer number for IDEA )
add and apply.

Now click on click button.

You are Now using Internet By IDEA through VODAFONE Net Setter.

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