Saturday, June 23, 2012

QQ Browser 2.7/2.6 English Version for Symbian, Java & AndroidDownload.

New updated QQ Browser v2.6.0.6 for Java and QQ Browser v2.7.0.022 for S60v5 English version officially released and available for download. QQ Browser v2.5 also available for Symbian S60v3 . QQ Browser v2.8.0.27 for Android also available.

QQ Browser is a free, fast and compact mobile browser. The QQ browser is one of known Mobile Web Browser, developed by QQ China and Tencent, is very similar to the UC Browser in look. The new Now QQ Browser and Mini version is better than older version as its based on International English server and allows you to access thousands of sites on your phone as fast and easily. The QQ Browser Mini version best for mobile users with limited or low memory Java phones. QQ Browser is Free to download and free to use. QQ Browser can turn WWW pages in WAP pages for better display and smaller image size. All the pages are optimized and compressed before being sent to your phone and the data transferred to your phone is significantly reduced to making mobile surfing cheaper and fast.

Features in QQ Browser Mini Java:

~ Easy surfing with popular websites pre-embedded in QQ
~ Cheaper mobile surfing with advanced compression technology
~ Multiple–tabs that make mobile browsing swift and smooth.
~ Surf your favorite sites
~ Mobile surfing cheaper
~ Stable Network
~ Multiple-tabs
~ Site navigation
~ Download Manager
~ Pre-load
~ bookmark and History
~ URL auto-completion
~ Night Mode

New Features in Java v2.6.0.6 :

~ Our new Download FAQ page is now available for you. Unnecessary
prompts during download process have been reduced to minimum.

~ Bookmark Right Softkey has been added to homepage. Design of homepage URL and search bar has
been optimized.

~ Menu options have been reorganized for you to find functions more easily.

~ Most Visited and Historically Visited Sites have been added to Independent Entry Page.

Features in QQ Browser Symbian:

~ Multi language support: QQ Browser supports English, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi and Vietnamese. The browser will detect the handset language and auto-adapt. The default language is English before user selection.

~ Access YouTube and other video sites using Real PlayerClipboard. You can open and use Real Player to
view videos from YouTube or other sites when you are browsing.

~ Back up contents of your last visited sites. Contents of your last visited sites will be restored safely
upon abnormal exit.

~ Combine the Most Visited Websites Function with Speed Dial. You can have quicker access to your
most visited sites by clicking on the graph links in the start page.

~ Improved page layout. You will enjoy better page design during browsing.

Whats New in Symbian S60v5 v :

~ New Splash Screen DIY. What is Splash Screen DIY?

~ Imagine creating splash screens using your own photos or your favorite pictures whenever you like.
Now you can do it through a few simple steps. Why wait?

~ How to DIY your own splash screens? Add the photos or pictures of your choice from your device to create your own splash screens. You can also upload your saved splash screens on the Internet and share with your friends. Don’t get addicted!

Download Link QQ Browser Mini v2.7 / 2.6 Official English Version:

QQbrowser_2.6.0.6_i18n_java_90009.jar (Jar for All Java, 321 KB)

QQ Browser v2.7.0.022_i18n_90009 s60v5.sis (for Symbian S60v5, 2.2 MB)

Others:QQ Browser (for Android 1.5 +, 2.5 MB)

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