Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Check China Mobile IMEI Number Valid AndOriginal?

I came across a news Article regarding China Mobiles and the importance of IMEI numbers.

So here I provide a method by which you can check whether your phone has a valid and original IMEI number.

Mobile number without or wrong IMEI number are banned accorss India now.

Mostly China mobile phone brands like Alkatel, Sigmatel, Spice,Carboonn, GFIVE and many more now provide valid IMEI number.

Check China or any Mobile Phone IMEI Number Validity.

(1) Press *#06# on your mobile handset and note down the 15 digit IMEI Number.

(2) Compose a new message from your mobile >> Type your 15 digit IMEI Number >> Send it to 53232.

(3) If you get “Success” as the reply, then your mobile IMEI number is valid.

(4) If you get “Invalid IMEI” as the reply, that means your IMEI number is not valid.

(5) You are now done.

This will help you to know that your IMEI Number is valid or not.


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