Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Simplest & Feature Rich Alarm Clock For Android.

First You Need to Download Alarm Clock Xtreme Free from Android Market.

For Download Click Here Alarm Clock Xtreme Free.

Probably one of the most important functions of a smart phone.. Alarm clock.
There are tons of alarm clock apps out there, but rarely there's one that's reliable, feature rich and makes sure you wake up calmly and peacefully.

Let me list down some of the features that I adore:

Volume crescendo:

Alarm starts very quiet and gradually increases. This is a brilliant idea and I wondered why no one ever implement it in normal alarm clocks. While other alarms wake me up in a shocking state (with my heart pumping hard after), volume crescendo makes sure I wake up peacefully every time :) You definitely need to try this feature.

Wake up to your favourite music:

Choose any song in your list of albums, or let it pick a random song from your playlist! I couldn't find any other app in the Google Play store that has this feature and is actually working. Kudos to the developers.

Snooze method:

For those who found the normal snooze button useless, try the maths solving mode. For normal users, there's the typical snooze method with some customizability such as decreasing the snooze duration after every snooze.

The free version is totally usable and the ads are not in the way at all. Though if you want to support the developers there's an ad-free version too.


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