Saturday, June 23, 2012

Top 15 iphone apps for staying healthy.

Health iphone apps provided in this article by Anna are sure-fire apps for staying healthy at all times. Either you are a blogger or a business man, these great health iphone apps will surely be of help to your day to day activities. With the growth in the use of iphone appications, major health issues can be solved by keeping a track record of the lifestyle and daily routine. For staying healthy there are many applications available in these iphones which are very useful for the patients as well as for normal people. Now, everyone can find out the progress report of their daily efforts done for remaining fit. In this article we will read about the top

15 Healthy iPhone Apps which are very much useful and popular among the iphone users:

(1) Run Keeper: This is a very handy application used by most of the people, it can be downloaded free of cost from the AppStore. This application helps in keeping the record of your running or cycling. It activates when you go out for running or cycling, and displays the real time and calories burned. Thus,
it helps in keeping a track of your daily process in the form of charts.

(2) Blood Pressure Application: This application is best for those who are suffering from blood pressure problems, it helps in maintain a record the blood pressure and heart rate to enjoy a healthy life. The user of this application can monitor blood pressure very easily and closely on histograms.

(3) Body Fitness: This application is best for exercise lovers, the users can get to know about hundreds of different exercises related to both cardio and weight training. It gives all the information regarding how to do the exercise in a correct manner and in a safe way. The daily data can be recorded so that it can show that how many sets you have done from different exercises.

(4) The snack app.: This application is used for making better selections whenever the user picks anything for snacking. It gives the list of healthy and not healthy snack items, So while picking anything for snacks the user can check whether the product is good for health or not.

(5) iMapMyRIDE: This is a fun application for the cycle lovers, the best feature is that it keeps the track of the cycling routes by using the GPS function, so that after cycling you can check the graph of the elevation obtained during the ride.

(6) All in Yoga: All the information related to yoga is shown in this application. Both basic and advanced techniques are given from which you can choose any form of yoga and can follow the steps shown in a very easy manner.

(7) Diet Tracker: Helps in setting up personal goal so that you can stick to a proper and healthy diet and can stop from over eating.

(8) en's Health Workouts: Best for men, this app. is especially for men looking for having a good six pack abs. It provides all the information so that every man can get a good body.

(9) iTreadmill: This application keep the pace of running same as it is during running on a treadmill, you can set targets as per you choice.

(10) Instant Heart Rate: Just by pressing the tip of your index finger on the camera lens, you can get the heart rate. The app will measure your heart rate and then explain the result, telling you where you factor in the heart rate zone - the closer to the red zone you are, the harder you're working.

(11) Smart Chef Substitutions: This application is used for making healthy dishes with the use of simple substitutes at home.

(12) Water works: This application is best used for keeping the record of number glasses of water daily consumed.

(13) Locavore: Detects that what all types of fruits and vegetables are fresh and produced in the particular season.

(14) Veg out: This application tells about the veg restaurants and food joints available for vegetarians.

(15) Lose it: This application provides all the informative suggestions related to lose in weight. And makes you fit.


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