Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How To Remote Control Another PC Over The Internet?

For this You Need to Download TeamViewer.

Click Here, For Download TeamViewer.

Want to show a friend/relative how to do something on the PC?

Sometimes it is easier to control their PC remotely instead of giving the instructions on the phone.
There's already a program that does this (comes with Windows), it is called Remote Desktop, but how many people know how to setup the router/ports/firewall necessary for it to work?

Introducing TeamViewer, the simplest software ever built for this purpose. (Free for personal/non-commercial use)

(1) Download and start TeamViewer on both PC, you don't even need to install it if you don't want, just choose 'Run'.

(2) In the next screen you'll see your ID and Password. Type in the other PC's ID as shown below, select 'Remote support' and click 'Connect to partner'.

(3) Type in the password when prompted. You can now view and control the other PC.

End Note:
---> If you choose 'File transfer' mode instead, you can access the other PC's files and download/upload files as you please.

---> Feel free to explore other hidden functions such as allowing the remote user to only view your screen but cannot control the mouse/keyboard. You could also set TeamViewer to ask for your confirmation before allowing any access to your PC.

---> The password changes every time you restart TeamViewer, you may set a permanent password inside Settings.


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