Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to use Pen Drive/Hard Disk as Ram to Speed Up Computer in Windows 7, XP, Vista & Linux?


---> PC requirement of RAM is huge and because ram is very expensive memory so we try to minimize it by either using Hard Disk or PenDrive as RAM . Thou using hard disk and pen drive as RAM is very economical option but they are not as fast as the actual ram is so the ram space which is created through these opteration are used to store data of applications that are not currently active that is which have been stopped ,not closed but which we are not using currently.

---> Among the two type of external ram, pen drive is faster one because pen drive is created
using much faster disk technology then hard disk.

How to use Hard Disk as RAM:

(1) Go to " My Computer "

(2) Now Right Click on Blank Space in My Computer or simply Right Click on My Computer Icon.

(3) Now on right click menu that appears Left Click on  Property.

(4) Now new windows will pop up here. if you are using XP then goto Advanced Tab and if you
are using Higher Version then Goto Advanced System Setting option on the right in the window that appeared and then Goto Advanced Tab of the next window.

(5) here you can see number of Setting Button , click the setting button which is under
performance section

(6) Now in the window that appeared Goto Advanced Tab

(7) Now in Virtual Memory Section you can see the currently allocated space and if you feel it is
not present or used in less amount then click on the change button and increase the value in
the window that appears

Note: you can also see the below figure if you have any doubts.

How to Use Pen Drive as RAM:

(1) First Step is identifying Software Needed.

---> For XP or lower, Required Software is eboostr.
Click Here For Download
---> For Vista or higher:- readyBoost (already
present) .

(2) Now attach /insert your pen drive to

(3) Now to use readyboost on windows 7.
---> Goto Property of Pen Drive by right clicking the pendrive icon in my computer.

---> Now click to readyBoost tab on the
window that appears.

---> Now as you can see from the figure first press "Dedicate this device to readyboost" radio button.

---> Then adjust the memory you want to give to ram from Pen drive.

---> And thats it.

Now to use eboostr in Windows XP:

---> First you need to install eboostr onto your computer and then restart the
computer as asked by the software.

---> Then open eboostr control panel from start menu.

---> Now click continue button if you have trail version.

---> Now you have to add one of the drive to Eboostr Control Panel by click add and then selecting one of the drive and you need to specify disk space there itself.

---> See the figure below if you have confusion.

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