Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Unlock idea NetSetter Huawei E1550 ?

Idea NetSetter is a 3G HSDPA USB Device with the model number as Huawei E1550. The device has the maximum speed of 3.6 Mbps which means 330 KB/Sec of download speed.

Here I Post for how to unlock Idea Netsettar E-1550.

Here are step by step tutorial on unlocking Idea netsetter.

Here is the Step by step Solution:

First Download Following Softwere which gone we use:

1. Modem firmware and Install it.
Download from here ).
2. Mobile Partner’s 11.302.09.01.539 Voice USSD and install it. (Click here to download).
3. Download Video MMS Dashboard. (Click here to Download it).
4. E-1550 Netsetter Unlock-er.
Click here to Download it).

Now follow the following Step:

(1) Run the setup file which is downloaded in 1st step.
> i accept it and click next.
>then it will serch ur device.
>then it diplay the update setting.
>click next it show warnning.
>then it will ask u to input password
u have to Enter the Flash code which will we now generate in next step.

(2) open unloacker dowloaded 4th and Put Ur IMEI number in it.
>click unlock and it will generate Flash Code
>put Flash code into 1st step.

(3) After putting flash code in 1st step click next.
>Update succefully.

(4) Now, you are one step closer to unlocking of the NetSetter device. Start the setup file of HUAWEI_UTPS11.302.09.06.209 software and follow the steps.  Again, ensure that the 3G device is
not being used by any other software so that the application could find it easily.
>process as above step and it would download softwere in ur device.

(5) This step involves installing the Huawei Original Unbranded Mobile Partner software on your computer to manage the 3G device. It is the same software that comes with NetSetter but it is just that it is unbranded and has no logo for any telecom company. But it is recommended to install to complete the unlocking procedure. It is like a normal software installation and does not require any specific guidelines.

Then put flash code on Flash code box and You are done with resetting your Idea netsetter Modem E1550 SUCCESSFULLY!!!

NOW You can use the device for making voice calls right from your computer using the computer’s mic and speakers.



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