Sunday, June 17, 2012

How To Remove / Protect / Hide your Entirepartition / drive?


Diskpart is windows inbuilt program utility, it lets us do many things like making any partition active, changing/assigning drive letter, creating MBR (master boot recorder), extend any volume,create a volume or partition,making any disk online etc.but here i m only telling you about how to hide your drive and also changing drive letter.


(1) First press " win+r " or go to run and type diskpart here and hit enter.

(2) Now type "list volume " to see volume available in here and " list disk" to see disk available in here(see the figure).

(3) Now to hide lets suppose my drive d first type "select volume 2" [for selecting my d drive for processing].

(4) Since we have selected my drive d so now type "remove letter d" for hiding it.

(5) Now once you have done last step your drive will not be seen in my computer[Some times it is required to reboot your system].

(6) Now to give your hidden drive some letter so that it will appear again first type "select volume 2" [my drive d].

(7) Then type "assign letter d" [ you can assign any letter except letters assign already].

(8) exit[ your drive will appear again].

NOTE: For More detail on Diskpart Utility Click Here.

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