Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Find and Recover Precious Storage Space On Your Android.

First You Need To Download DiskUsage From Android Market.

Click Here For Download DiskUsage.

After using your phone for quite some time, things tend to pile up and before you know it you don't have any space left on your Android device. This handy little app will analyze and show you exactly what's taking up your precious storage space.


---> Folders/Applications that are taking the most storage space are arranged from the top, you'll know what to tackle first to recover storage space effectively.

--->  To dig further into the folder, tap on the rectangle area towards the right hand side to zoom in! Zoom back out by tapping the rectangles on the left.

--->  After tapping your selection, press the Menu key anytime to show or delete any file/folder instantly. Be warned, you are on your own if you accidentally deleted important data.


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