Monday, June 4, 2012

The Simplest Way To Clean Up Your PC.

Download CCleaner.

No computer tricks website is complete without a mention of Piriform's CCleaner.

Its simple interface allows you to clean up unused system files, wipe internet traces on web browsers etc. allowing Windows to run faster while recovering precious disk space.

1) Click 'Analyze' to see how many space you are able to recover, then click 'Run Cleaner' to start.

2) Click on 'Registry' to scan and remove invalid registry entries, this process speeds up your PC as well.

End Note: The software also bundled with a useful Uninstaller and Startup Manager under 'Tools'. The uninstaller has some extra features compare to the basic Windows' Add/Remove Programs such as the ability to delete or rename entries. The startup manager allows you to disable or delete any startup programs with easy.

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