Friday, March 8, 2013

The Simplest Way To Get Free Harddisk Space (By Finding Duplicate Files).

Download Link:- Duplicate Cleaner

This morning I had 200mb of space left on my harddisk, 10 minutes later, I have 7GB.
How did I do it? Introducing Duplicate Cleaner. (It's free!)

You'll be surprised how many duplicate files you can find on your computer.

1) Launch Duplicate Cleaner.

The software should be self explanatory, however if you're lost..

A: Select the harddisk drive you wish to scan for duplicates, in this example I chose D: drive. You may select any folder within drive too.

B: Click this button to add it to the list as shown.

C: Click select button to choose what kind of files you want to scan, be it image file or video file or something else. I chose 'Office Documents' in this example. You may choose 'Everything' :)

D: Minimum File Size of files you wanted to scan, if your goal is to get FREE harddisk space, choose a higher file size (maybe more than 10mb) to get the fastest result, because you get the largest duplicate files instantly.

E: Click GO!

2) The next screen shows all the duplicate files, double click any file here to open it if you want to check. Tick the files you wish to delete on the check boxes on the left shown. After that you may click 'Remove Selected'. Make sure you don't delete any system files!

(3) In the next screen, make sure 'delete to recycle bin' is checked so that you may revert it if you deleted the wrong files. Click 'Delete Files' and you're done.

My list was too long and I got lazy, so I scanned only for videos and songs. After cleaning up, I have 7GB of free harddisk space instantly.. I haven't even touched images yet (the list was too long).

Tell me how many space you recovered by adding comments to this post.

End Note:

To get more free harddisk space you should check out:

The Simplest PC Maintenance Software (Bundled With Lots Of Utilities) - This tool includes a basic duplicate files finder, only downside of it is it can't find duplicate files with different file names.It also includes a tool that offers the same functions of TreeSize.

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