Friday, March 8, 2013

The Simplest Way To Find and Recover Precious HardDisk Space.

Download Link: TreeSize Free

Every hard disk is too small if you just wait long enough. Ever wonder where all your GB or TB of space had gone to?
TreeSize Free will help you find out which folder eats up most of your space. If you're in a hurry to get lots of free space, tackle those first!
WARNING: You can delete files directly from the TreeSize interface. If you found a file taking up some space in your C:
drive, but you have no idea what it is for, please don't delete it! It might be a system file and your computer may stop
working after that. In short, make sure you know what you are deleting.
The user interface is very straight forward, normally you'll have no problem exploring it on your own. Please continue reading only
if you're not sure how to use it.

1) When you start the program, it will automatically scan your C: drive. (might take a while if you have large drives)

2) Picture above shows my C: drive, from here I know that Windows take up most of the space, followed by Program Files. Click on the triangle arrow on the left of each folder to expand it. Here I choose not to touch any files in Windows, Program Files, or Files. I expanded the Users folder...

3) After going deeper in the Users folder, I found that Google Chrome tooks out 750mb of my space, follow by other temporary internet files from internet explorer and mozilla. So I went to clear all the cache files for all my browsers and I got more than 1GB of free space instantly.

4) That's all. You may click on 'Scan' to scan other drives (if you have D: drive) as well as thumb drives. You may also click 'View' to change the display settings e.g. show everything in percentage rather than actual size, or show in GB unit instead of MB.

Leave a comment telling how much harddisk space you've recovered using this method!

End Note:

To get more free harddisk space you should check out:

The Simplest PC Maintenance Software (Bundled With Lots Of Utilities) - This tool includes a Disk Analysis utility which offers the same functions as TreeSize. If you happen to use it, you shouldn't need TreeSize. It also includes a tool similar to Duplicate Cleaner.

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